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Monetize your
insurance claims

Flex is the only automated insurance revenue cycle merchant service, paying your commercial and workers’ comp claims in three days while returning business intelligence to improve your insurance revenue cycle.

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Flex’s workflow

Integrated with RMS, Flex is an end-to-end platform monetizing up to 100% of your allowable claim value in 3 days via ACH payment and postable 835.

Flex significantly reduces days insurance outstanding by 80%+ and correspondingly improves your balance sheet and cash flow.

Flex automation distills your insurance workflows and connects your financial claim-payment data for clear line of sight into your insurance revenue cycle and business performance.

Monetize claims in 3 days

Reconciliation after payer payments

Please note: A Flex account requires activation of an RMS account.

Significantly decrease your A/R

Monetize 80%-100% of your commercial and worker’s compensation claims in three days for faster payments, decreased insurance A/R, and reduced insurance workflows.

HIPAA compliant

100% U.S. based

Integrate EHR/PMS/RMS

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We’d love to learn more about your business and how Flex can be of help.

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Commonly asked

Some helpful questions that are commonly asked. For more information, please visit our Help Center.

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Can my practice keep its billing company or in-house billing?
Yes. Flex will work with your currently billing company to monetize your claims and streamline their revenue cycle process.
Does my practice require a lockbox?
Yes. Your practice will require a lockbox in order to streamline your financing and revenue cycle process, and to sweep and digitize all correspondence.
Why is RMS required for financing?
RMS has the unique ability to process billions of claims annually, allowing Flex to extract data to value and risk adjust every financed claim.
What if Flex does not receive payment from insurance company after financing?
Since we finance a continuous stream of your claims, insurance underpayments can be adjusted against current or future claims to be financed.
What is Weighted Average Days Insurance Outstanding (WADIO)?

WADIO is calculated using the claim values or payer payment times on a weighted basis of each claim payment period in an insurance receivable portfolio.

Why it’s important?

WADIO provides a more accurate depiction of payer reimbursement timelines, taking into consideration the cash value of each claim.

Read our published article about the importance of WADIO here.

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